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There is a new way to check your CE in Tennessee

The TN Real Estate Commission Partners with CE Broker


CE Broker is the official CE tracking system for the Tennessee Real Estate Commission. The Commission has partnered with CE Broker to allow education providers quicker access to report continued education. CE Broker also allows licensees to check compliance and receive additional reminders about their license renewal. There is no requirement to create an account with CE Broker as all licensee renewal information will still be completed through CORE.

Free Access to CE Broker

Within the free Basic Account, you will have access to your Course History and CE Compliance Status. This lists all of the courses which have been reported thus far and indicates whether or not you have satisfied your renewal requirements. From here, you may easily find and report any CE that might be missing.

Comprehensive Course Search

One of the best free tools CE Broker provides is the Course Search. You can easily find every course needed to successfully complete your license renewal, with just a few clicks! After you are finished with each course, educational providers will report the credits directly into CE Broker for you - but you should always retain a copy of the certificates for your records. To find courses, visit and select your applicable board and profession.

Helpful Support Center

CE Broker’s support center is based in Jacksonville, FL and staffed with experts who have been thoroughly trained on the rules & regulations of the Commission. Open 8AM- 8PM ET, Monday through Friday, you can reach them by phone at 877-434-6323, or via email and live chat. For additional information and helpful guides, please visit:

Other Benefits of Using CE Broker

  • Track and know precisely how many hours you’ve completed and how many hours are remaining;
  • Available convenience features like a personalized transcript and a personal account manager;
  • Bring CE compliance wherever you go with the CE Broker mobile app. Available on iPhone and Android

How to activate your CE Broker Account

  1. Visit
  2. Next, enter your license number;
  3. Then, start tracking your continuing real estate education!

CE Broker FAQ’s

  • CE HOURS: CE Broker will now be tracking all CE for TREC licensees. If licensees want to check their hours, they will go to CE Broker to check compliance and reported hours.
  • RENEWAL/REINSTATEMENT RIGHT NOW: Currently, we are asking licensees to attest to their education at renewal or reinstatement so that they are not negatively affected during the transition. We will be auditing the CE of these licensees once we go live with CE Broker. Licensees should not renew without having the necessary education complete as their license will be set back to renewal if not completed.
  • RENEWAL/REINSTATEMENT ONCE CORE & CE BROKER ARE CONNECTED: Licensees will still renew their license at and at renewal it will tell them if their education status is compliant or not complaint.
  • VERIFY/PUBLIC SEARCH: This is not going away, but will NO longer be a spot for licensees, providers, etc. to check on education hours. All education after 6/13/2022 will be in CE BROKER.

Provider Questions:

  • Account Information: All providers with active TREC courses should now report course completions through CE BROKER.
  • Registering their Account: Registration information was sent on 6/13/2022, but if you are an active provider and haven’t registered, you should register your account. If you didn’t get the email, please reach out to CE Broker and let them know you are an active provider and need the email resent.
    • CE Broker can be contacted on this issue at or 877-434-6323

All this information can be found at