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Industry Partners

In today’s competitive market, you should be utilizing every opportunity that has the ability to help you grow and increase profits. If you aren’t a member, you are not directly marketing your products and services to our over 400 members, who have a very large client and customer base. Like most professionals, REALTORS like to work with and refer people they know and trust.

Benefits of association membership typically include:

  • Concentrated marketing
  • Opportunities to serve on committees
  • Access to newsletters and magazines
  • Access to seminars, conferences, and association events
  • Access to members-only offers, among others.

Most professionals believe the greatest benefit of association membership is the networking and camaraderie among the members.

Membership in trade associations will benefit you and your employees. It projects a positive image of your firm in the community and will directly impact the long-term success of your business. According to The American Business Magazine, a large percentage of all business failures occur in firms that aren’t members of a trade association.

Again, one of the biggest advantages of association membership is the networking and camaraderie that takes place among members. To benefit from this, you must participate and be an active member of your association. Paying your dues isn’t enough to reap all the benefits of membership. You invest time, money, and energy to make your businesses successful. The same holds true for your association membership. Make an investment of time and effort in your association….

We know it will positively impact the long-term success of your business!


Membership Has It's Benefits

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